Save Your Business Time and Money in 2014: Custom USBs

USB drives are mostly associated with personal data storage. However, more businesses are starting to use them as a portable business plan. It is simple: bulk order custom USB drives (with your logo) and preload pertinent documents.


Plastic USB

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Fashion Industry Custom USBs / USB Promos Blog


Fashion trends change fast and that means you’ve got to keep your marketing tools up to date. Just as each season brings a new catalog for your business, it’s important to give your followers a new way to browse through it. Typically businesses mail out a thick paper catalog, but that is an outdated method.

Consumers are more visual and interactive in 2013. They like being presented new ideas with new methods. Flipping through the age old paper catalog might appeal to some, but the younger generations like anything communicated to them through technology. That’s why many companies are making the transition to putting their fashion catalogs online or even in a USB drive. A flash drive? That’s right.

Nail Polish USB Drive by USB Promos

Marketing teams have stumbled upon another use for the traditional USB drive you save your documents to. Now you can actually customise the drive to look and feel like your brand. You can change the colors of casing, font, print your logo on it and preload data to the drive.

Actually, you can even have a custom shape drive made for your business. When it is finished it will look like a miniature replica of your logo or most famous product.
Custom shape lotion USB

Regardless of the style drive you choose, the sole idea behind it is to act as a promotional tool for your fashion or glamour business. After customizing your drive, you can have the new catalog preloaded onto the USB. Next, hand your custom USBs out at the next fashion show, event, mail them to loyal customers or even use it as a free gift for ordering.

After the catalog has been looked through, the consumer can delete the data and use it as their personal flash drive. Every time they use the custom drive, he or she will think about your company. Not to mention all of the others who will see and want one when images of the “free cool so-and-so USB” pictures are uploaded to social media sites. Think of it as gorilla marketing on the cheap.

To see some good examples check out this idea gallery by USB Promos. It’s loaded with the different ways people/businesses have used their drives.



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"Can you grab me my USB, man?"


Wine lover? A client personalized wine cork USB drives for the perfect wedding favor. She had us preload recipes that will be served, a playlist and thank you note (PDF) to the USB. 
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